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2020 Race Training Program

Bay Bridge Paddle Race Team

We’re entering into the 6th season of our Race Training program, and our mission remains the same. We strive to help you reach your paddling and fitness goals. Whether your goal is to become stronger and healthier, more efficient paddler, or become more confident in various conditions, we are here to coach you. New to this season, the Race Training program has upgraded into an all-inclusive program with our traditional on-water training sessions and a new virtual on-water and on-land component.

Our training philosophy and positive paddling community will help you reach your goals on the water and in life. We accomplish this by creating an internal competitive atmosphere while preaching teamwork and positive attitudes. Join the paddling culture at Capital SUP!


As in years past, we will continue to host Tuesday & Thursday night training sessions at Capital SUP. The time this year will be pushed up to 6:00 PM to coincide with the shop’s closing time of 8:00 PM. Each session will start with an on-land warm-up, and the team will take to the water for a 60-90 minute training session depending on the day’s workout of the day (WOD). Tuesday’s we focus on high-intensity sprints and short-distance intervals, while on Thursday, the focus is on pacing, efficiency, and paddling skill work. 

New to the 2020 Program is the Weekend Challenge. The virtual paddling WOD will be posted on SugarWOD, new programming app members will be using this year (explained below), and you will have Saturday and Sunday to complete the distance challenge. We encourage to communicate with fellow race training members to paddle in pairs or small groups. 

Also new to the 2020 Program is the monthly Virtual Capital SUP Race Series. Because the COVID-19 pandemic has canceled or postponed all of the local paddle races, we will be hosting a virtual race series to keep your competitive juices firing and stay connected to the Maryland paddle community! The first Virtual Capital SUP Race Series race will take place on Saturday, June 27. RevoRace will be the host software, a virtual event platform that includes integrated GPS-enabled iOS and Android apps. More details to follow soon! 

To keep you connected with the global paddle race community, we will be encouraging you to participate in the Virtual Paddle League, a global race series created by Paddle Monster & SUP Racer. More details also to follow!


The original idea behind Capital SUP was to create an outdoor fitness business. The company has evolved tremendously since the early years; however, outdoor fitness is still true to our core mission. The on-land workouts will be done virtually at your homes, in local parts, at Capital SUP, or wherever is convenient for you. 

Monday – Strength: The focus will be on building and maintaining strength throughout the race season.

Wednesday – Metabolic: Body-weight style workouts designed to get your heart rate up and build endurance when in your “race pace” training zone. 

Friday – Active Recovery: A combination of stretching, yoga, and other active recovery movements. 

The on-land workouts will also be posted and times and scores tracked in SugarWOD. Most of the workouts will be body-weight movements, however, we will have a recommended list of fitness equipment to use once we get started. You will be able to purchase the equipment from Capital SUP! The workout movements will be filmed ahead of time and added to the video library that’s integrated into SugarWOD. There will never be a time when you don’t know how to correctly perform a movement. 


SugarWOD was originally created for CrossFit gyms and athletes. For Head Coach Chris Norman and the rest of the coaching staff, SugarWOD provides a collaborative workout programming experience. For you, our athletes, the iOS and Android app provide you a mobile workout-tracking, and social component. SugarWOD is the best workout software existing today that fits our style of program. After you sign up for the race training program, you will be sent a welcome email to create your account and join our “gym.” The app is free to use.



June – September **Potentially October as well** Stay tuned…



Monday – Virtual On-Land Training

Tuesday – On-Water Training @ Capital SUP – 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Wednesday – Virtual On-Land Training

Thursday – On-Water Training @ Capital SUP – 6:00 PM-7:30 PM

Friday – Virtual On-Land Training

Saturday or Sunday – Virtual On-Water Weekend Challenge 



Season Membership – $500 **Payment plan available**

Monthly Membership – $150

Single session – $30

Virtual Only No matter where you live in the World, you can train with Capital SUP! 

Season Membership – $250

Monthly Membership – $75

Monthly On-Land Training Only – $50



  • Seasonal members will get a Capital SUP custom face covering
  • 50% off monthly virtual races
  • 20% off fitness equipment 


Steps to sign up: (1) Click the BOOK NOW button (2) Go to June 2 date (3) Pick a membership option (4) Pay

QUESTIONS? Email Head Coach Chris “Goose” Norman –

#TrainToWin – For Races, For Goals, For Life