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We All Can Do Better

We can all do better

The culture at Capital SUP is where all people, no matter their race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity, have a place to come to be free and connect with the water. 

In light of the movements that are happening across the World, we feel now is time to state where we stand. 

Capital SUP as a business, community, and family stands with Black Lives Matter. We recognize silence in the face of injustice is morally wrong and want it to be clear to all racism, or any form of prejudice has no place at Capital SUP. We cannot honestly say that we are true ambassadors of good if we do not openly and unapologetically condemn all forms of bad. Capital SUP does not only seek to be “not racist,” but we strive to be an anti-racist, anti-prejudice, and anti-hate community that’s committed to the uprooting of injustice and the continuous betterment of humanity. 

Race, inequality, crime, and pointing fingers have been a constant topic of discussion in the communities surrounding Capital SUP. We listened, educated ourselves, and decided to take action. Here is what we’ve done and will continue to do. We’ve only just cracked the surface with our impact. 

1. In 2017, the owners of Capital SUP founded a 501(c)(3) non-profit called the Live Water Foundation. The Mission of Live Water is to inspire and empower the people and organizations we work with by facilitating watersports programs to improve the health, wellness, and environment of our communities. The three current pillars of Live Water are supporting the local Veteran community, underprivileged & disabled youth, and promoting clean waterways. 

2. In 2019, Live Water Foundation & Capital SUP partnered with the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis (HACA) to offer a paddle and water education program for the underserved youth living in the HACA community. 



3. In 2019, Capital SUP hosted a PRIDE Paddle in partnership with the Annapolis Pride organization. 

4. In 2020, the Live Water Foundation partnered with the City of Annapolis Recreation & Parks to expand Live Water’s Junior Wai Koa (underserved youth) program. The new Truxton Park pool will be the new home for Live Water programs. Due to COVID-19, the official launch is delayed to 2021. 

5. In 2020, the Live Water Foundation partnered with the Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County (HCAAC). The Junior Wai Koa (underserved youth) program will expand to the housing communities in Freetown Village (Pasadena), Meade Village (Severn), and Heritage Overlook (Glen Burnie). Due to COVID-19, the official launch is delayed until 2021. 

We have a long way to go for equality for all in our country and the World. Every small win counts, so we’re going to continue to push to do better. 

The Live Water Foundation is a 100% volunteer non-profit organization. If you would like to contribute to our Mission and cause, your donation goes directly into our programmatic support. 


Thank you for your continued support of our organizations. See you on the water!


The Capital SUP & Live Water Foundation Teams