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Shop Update: New PFD’s Are In!

Three people model new personal floatation devices

Left: MTI belt pack PFD. Middle: Mustang Survival Minimalist Belt Pack. Right: Mustang Survival MIT 70 Over the Shoulder PFD.

You probably know that by law, all paddlers (whether stand up, kayak, or canoe) are required to wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) but are you familiar with all of your options? Not every floatation device is the same, nor are the needs of every paddler. That’s why at Capital SUP, we have a range of PFDs in our shop to guarantee everyone finds the perfect fit. After all, safety is everything!

MTI 16g Inflatable Belt Pack PFD Mustang Survival: MIT 70 Manual Inflatable PFDMustang Survival Minimalist Manual Inflatable Belt Pack




Name Mustang Survival Minimalist Manual Inflatable PFD Mustang Survival MIT 70 Manual Inflatable PFD MTI 16g Inflatable Belt Pack PFD
Type V – Pillow V – Over the shoulder V – Pillow
Buoyancy  15.7 – 18.9lbs 15.7lbs 15.5lbs
Best Use/Swimming Level SUP/very strong – expert SUP or Kayak/intermediate – strong SUP/very strong – expert
Special Features Super compact, daisy chain webbing for clipping on gear Exclusive Membrane Inflatable Technology for extra comfortability Moveable D-ring attachment, whistle included
Price $99 $110 $74

Which PFD is best for me?

Coach Chris Says: “The best life jacket is the one you feel comfortable in. The full size type 3 PFD are great for people who are uncomfortable swimmers. The waist belt PFD is great for SUP paddlers as it has a low-profile design and doesn’t obstruct range of motion in shoulders. The over-the-shoulder inflatable PFD has been a popular choice among the sailing community and becoming more prevalent in the watersport community. Great choice for those looking for the protection of the full size life jacket but the comfort of the inflatable.”

A woman modeling a full coverage personal floatation device.

A full vest Type 3 Personal Floatation Device

We take safety very seriously at Capital SUP. In accordance with Coast Guard regulations, we require all kayakers to wear full life jackets. All paddle boarders are required to use a leash at all times while on the water – never forget that your leash is your first line of defense if you get separated from your board!