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2021 Blue Angels Air Show Flotilla

Four United States Navy "Blue Angel" fighter jets in formation

We had heaps of smiles (and plenty of dropped jaws) at yesterday’s annual Blue Angels flyover. With a crew of over 70 participants, the positive vibe tribe paddled out to the mouth of Back Creek to watch what is one of the most extraordinary shows we here in Annapolis are treated to each year. Locals know that the best way to absorb the show is on the water, but pulling that off isn’t always easy. That’s where paddling comes in!

Left: A mother and son share a double kayak. Right: People on kayaks and paddle boards float on top of the Severn river.

Hugging the sides of the creek to avoid traffic, we safely made our way out to the edge of the Severn river for the best views. Though the weather called for clouds and possible rain showers, we were graced with glistening rays of sun and shimmering waters — a truly remedying respite from what for many was a particularly hectic week.

People on kayaks and paddle boards watch Navy Blue Angel jet planes fly overhead

Participants looked on in wonder as the Angels dazzled with their signature aerial displays. In perfect synchronization, the jet planes roared down the Severn, throttling upward in a split second to seemingly defy gravity with a 360 degree full loop. The expert pilots then split out of formation, maneuvering into barrel rolls so tight they were almost dizzying just to see! For nearly an hour, the Angels had their audience completely enraptured, with cheers and foghorns (and endless “ooh’s” and “ahh’s”).

Left: Four United States Navy "Blue Angel" fighter jets in formation mid flight. Right: Same formation of jet planes over the Severn river

Long time paddler and Capital SUP member Tracy reveled in the afterglow of the spectacle, saying, “It felt like they were really overtop of you, it was just extraordinary. You can see them flying so close to you.” Due to the cancellation of last year’s show, we were unable to host this event, but Tracy remembered our flotilla when she joined us in 2019 and, like many, was especially enthusiastic to see it once again.

Left: Two women pose for a picture standing in the water next to their paddle boards. Right: Two people pose for a picture on individual kayaks.

Paddlers of all ages and abilities joined in on the fun, with some folks out for their very first time! First-timer Nina took the plunge and said it was well worth it. “I would go every year!” she said. Luckily, we don’t plan on stopping the annual flotilla any time soon, so be sure to sign up next year before spots fill up.

People on kayaks and paddle boards watching United States Navy "Blue Angels" jet planes air show

Although the Blue Angels is a show like none other, there are plenty of events to choose from here at Capital SUP that will leave you feeling equally blissful. From sunrise paddles to eco-tours, SUP yoga, fitness classes, and private special events, there is no shortage of stoke to be had with us.

See you on the water!