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Our New & Improved Paddle Membership Program

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Happy New Year to our Capital SUP Ohana and friends! To start this new year off with a BANG, we have released our new & improved Paddle Membership Program for the 2021 season, and we want to explain more about why we’ve added so many new perks…

Paddle memberships were designed to provide unlimited paddling opportunities during the paddle season. With a membership, you get to own your own equipment in a sense, without having the headache of storage and transportation. Unlimited rentals have always been central to our memberships, but we want our members to be able to experience more of the community around SUP. This year, to create a greater sense of community through our Paddle Memberships, we added 2 of our new perks: Member-Only Events and Access to the Race Training program.


Exclusive Member Events


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With our Member-Only events, members will now have the opportunity to meet other members and like-minded paddle friends! Plus, you will have special access to events that our non-members will not have. Now, our 2021 members will not only know the staff at Capital SUP, but you will have the chance to meet and get to know more passionate paddlers in the same area! Curious what kind of events we will host? Some special events we are planning for you include a mix of:

    • Group Paddles to Davis’ Pub
    • Local Adventure Paddles
    • SUP Yoga Classes
    • Private Concerts on the Water


In-Season Race Training Program



By including the Race Training program in our Paddle Memberships, members will not need to pay extra to try out practice, and our team members will get all the same paddle perks as our members always did. In Race Training Coach Chris’ words (also known as Goose), “This will allow for other dedicated paddlers to give race training a try and help grow the team. It also gives our race training team the perks of being a seasonal member…”

When in comes to our Team, the more the merrier! Whenever we have new members joining in on training, it is always exciting to not only see the team grow, but also see new racers progress in learning new skills and achieving their paddle goals. With the Covid-19 vaccine coming out recently, we are hoping the race scene will pick up again this year. If and when it does, Team Capital SUP will be ready to crush all of our goals!


Discounts on Capital SUP Gear



In addition to the other discounts on services for members, we’ve added a 10% OFF discount for members in our Capital SUP Shop, so it will cost less to rock the Capital SUP swag you love and represent your team! We have a wide selection of CAP SUP brand gear and will always be adding new styles and fun prints each year.




Similarly to past years, pricing for Paddle Memberships is on a tier system again, so the earlier you secure your membership, the more you will save:

  • Tier 1 “Early Bird Special” prices run (1/1/2021 – 3/14/2021) — UP TO 30% OFF savings!
  • Tier 2 prices run (3/15/2021 – 5/14/2021)
  • Tier 3 full priced memberships start (5/15/2021)

We offer discounted prices for military personnel, students, seniors, and family packages too! To see our various prices click here.


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We are so excited to experience & see the Capital SUP paddle community grow this year! With affordable prices, this inclusive membership is the best way to go for anyone who wants to regularly paddle, race train, and attend events throughout the season. “Opt-outisde” with us to stay active and healthy this new year and reap all of the benefits that life on the Chesapeake has to offer!