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New! Black Project Paddles Review

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Stand up paddle boarders who want high performance know to trust Black Project for the most efficient paddles with the latest technologies. Developed on the North Shore of Maui, Black Project paddles are designed to create the most enjoyable experience for any user, with the power to achieve competitive success.


Hydro FlowX ($550 — $50 less than retailBlack Project "Hydro FlowX" paddle

Black Project’s Hydro FlowX paddle is the very latest in stand up paddle board technology. Using Black Project’s proprietary Advanced Flow Technology, the Hydro FlowX provides a one of a kind experience that significantly reduces any drag or strain. It’s dihedral edges allow for maximized power that is uncompromising in it’s effortlessness. The Hydro FlowX is incredibly lightweight and allows for superior speed — it is estimated to increase a paddlers speed by 3% — although it’s ease of use and comfort alone make it an excellent choice for anyone.

🗹 4% lighter than the original Hydro

🗹 Reduces fatigue

🗹 Optimal structural strength 

🗹 Scooped dihedral blade technology


Surge Texcarbon ($475 — $50 less than retail)logo, company name

The all-new Black Project Surge is changing the sport of stand up paddle board surfing, with the most lightweight, powerful, and responsive paddle on the market. Wielding scooped dihedral blade technology, the Black Project Surge delivers the added momentum necessary for catching waves (or getting out of the impact zone) while also providing enhanced stability. Black Project’s proprietary “Texcarbon” technology means the Surge paddle has maximum durability while also being the lightest surf paddle on the market today.

🗹 Choice paddle for top athletes

🗹 Black Project’s lightest and strongest construction

🗹 Increased endurance

🗹 Scooped dihedral blade technology


Lava ($299 — $51 – $76 less than retail)


The Black Project Lava SUP paddle is where versatility and durability meet. This is the adjustable paddle that can do it all, from flat water runs to surfing. It’s full carbon makeup means that it is built to withstand hard use, while it’s forgiving blade design makes it ideal for correcting poor alignment associated with injury and fatigue. 

🗹 Perfect for paddlers of all levels

🗹 Suitable for all stand up paddle boarding activities

🗹 Scooped dihedral blade technology

🗹 Increased strength and stability


Capital SUP paddler pick: HydroFlowX

“I checked out the Hydro because my shoulder was starting to bother me. In the past I injured my shoulder because the paddle was heavy and not working with me. It took me a long time to recover from that shoulder injury and when I started paddling again I got a new, lighter paddle. Unfortunately I was pushing that paddle to it’s and my limits and my shoulder started talking. I listened and that’s when I checked out the Hydro and I have been using it since.”

— Mark Sanfaçon (Live Water Foundation)

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