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Event Recap: Sunset Paddle

A group of people paddling on the South River

Last Saturday’s sunset paddle was as it was restorative after a long bout of hot, muggy and rainy weather. For some, it was their first time taking in the expansive views of the Quiet Waters Park location, and for others, it was their first sunset paddle. To start the paddle off, Coach Chris guided us out of Harness Creek to meet the South River. Rounding the corner toward a cove, we were pleasantly greeted with a rainbow on the horizon, almost cartoonish in its grandeur. The sky was putting on quite the show, flanking the rainbow with lofty grey clouds leftover from the storms but lit up by sunbeams.

A woman on a stand up paddleboard take a picture of a rainbow on the horizon

Though the vivid sun was considerably strong when we first entered the water, it took the heat and humidity with it as it retreated toward its resting place between the sky and sea. The Maryland air that is so often sticky swiftly vanished, replaced by a soothing breeze. Shades of bright orange burst through the clouds and lit up the water, playing up the deep blues and crowning every little ripple. We were treated to a double feature as we looked on at one of Mother Nature’s greatest shows, while music from the concert in the amphitheater spilled into our cozy spot in the cove.

Two images, left and right, of sunsets over the South River

Paddlers turned to one another, smiling and giddy from the prime-time entertainment. “I’ve never experienced anything like this,” said paddler Ellen. “I thought it might be distracting with a bunch of people around, but it seemed like at one point we were all just taken aback by the stillness and the beauty, and everything just stopped.” It was one of those rare, peaceful moments where words are not needed. A collective sigh was shared as the last of the week’s stress departed with the sun.

Sunset over the South River

After a quick hello from a passing heron, we paddled in the glowy twilight through little waves from the wakes of boats that were returning home. We turned into the creek and without warning, the waves gave way to smooth, glassy waters with no sound other than your vessel gliding over it. As we disembarked, a discernible happiness filled the crowd. After all, few things are better than signing off a Saturday with rainbows, sunsets, and music.

Two images. Left: a group of kayakers on the South River. Right: a picture of smooth water on the South River.

Don’t miss out on our next adventure! You never know what special treat the Chesapeake has in store for you.

Join us for our next sunset paddle next Saturday, August 28th from 6:30 – 8:15pm

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