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Introducing The CapCafe

Introducing The CapCafé coffee + cocoa trailer!



Each year as paddle season comes to a close, we’re often asked what we do while we are closed during the winter. Although we have plenty of spring and summer planning to get through, we have always thought, “We should do something fun!” 


We have loved having a location these past few years in Quiet Waters Park and we anxiously await the spring and summer months for paddle season so we can spend our time there. But our love for Quiet Waters got Capital SUP’s owner, Kevin Haigis, thinking, “What if we could stay involved with the park during the winter months?”


Our new trailer from our Nautilus Point location was originally built with the hope we would find use for it in the off-season. After brainstorming with the park about ideas for winter businesses, the park administration mentioned their need for a contracted cocoa hut vendor. 


We all collectively loved the idea, so our trailer was moved to the park and transformed into the CapCafé. It’s now parked next to the Quiet Waters Park Ice Rink and will be there all winter long, beginning November 17, 2023, on Fridays 4:00pm-9:00pm and Saturdays and Sundays 9:00am-9:00pm.


We’ll be serving up hot cocoa, coffee, tea, treats, and positive vibes! We’ll also be selling cold-weather Capital SUP merchandise to keep you warm while you skate and explore beautiful Quiet Waters Park. Powered by The Big Bean Coffee House, we’re looking forward to bring this new partnership to the park for the 2023-2024 winter season.


This is an exciting new venture for Capital SUP to stay active in the community, provide top-tier service, and become a new amenity within the park. In addition to providing excellent customer service, we’re stoked to be supporting The Friends of Quiet Waters Park by donating 5% of sales to the organization that helps keep the park operating! Come enjoy everything the CapCafé has to offer and give back to one of Annapolis’ treasures while doing it.


Proudly powered by
The Big Bean




Visit the new CapCafé at Quiet Waters Park Ice Rink – 600 Quiet Waters Park Rd. Annapolis, MD


Check out the CapCafé website page here to learn more!