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Bittersweet Endings to a Successful Season

a group of people in a small boat in a body of water

We wrap up another successful paddle season with bittersweet feelings as we reflect on all of our memories we’ve made. We can’t thank you enough for your support, enthusiasm, and passion for paddling. Thank you to all of our clients, partners, fitness instructors, coaches, camp counselors, staff members, fans, and supporters for another summer to remember.


As many of you know, we received news in September that our lease at our Ellen O Moyer location was not going to be renewed for another season. We also know many of you are saddened by this news, just like we were. We’ve had a great time paddling on Back Creek from this little shop, but all good things must come to an end. With all that being said, we are still stoked for our 2023 season and couldn’t be luckier to have our other location at the beautiful Quiet Waters Park. We’ve been working on some exciting things, so stay tuned and stay stoked for what’s to come in 2023!


You might be asking, “What do we do all fall and winter?” and we’ve got some ideas to keep the anticipation alive. Just because our shops are closed for the season, doesn’t mean there isn’t still some fun in store. This October we have two unique paddle experiences coming, up as well as our End of Season Board Sale.


a group of people in a small boat in a body of water

First up is our Mallows Bay Cruise & Brews Adventure Paddle where Jack Wildlife will be guiding us through the “ship graveyard” in Charles County, followed by beers at Calvert Brewing (first beer on us!). Join us for the adventure on Saturday, October 15th at 4:00PM – Sign up here.


Next is our annual Halloween Freaky Floatilla where dozens of paddlers gather in costume to paddle Spa Creek in Annapolis. Eggs and bacon, pirates, Brittany Spears, and an astronaut, you really never know what to expect from the creative minds of our paddle community. Join in the fun and wear your best costume to our Freaky Floatilla on Saturday, October 29th at 10:00AM – sign up for rental here


Be sure to check out our social media to stay up to date on all of our offerings. We started posting about our available SUPs and kayaks on our Instagram, and we will continue to share updates about the board sale, merch, events, off-season surprises, and more. You can also keep an eye out for more blog posts in our off season as we share some of our favorite paddle related stories, tips, and off-season activities.


Our End of Season Board Sale is scheduled for Saturday, October 8th from 10:00AM – 12:00PM at our Annapolis Warehouse. Please join us at our Warehouse to shop available boards or to pick up a pre-reserved board/kayak. If you’re interested in reserving equipment and seeing our inventory prior to 10/8 please send us an email at so we can coordinate with you! Our End of Season Board Sale is a great opportunity to get your own equipment so you can receive discounts on events, become a more active part of the paddle community, and to be able to paddle whenever and wherever you decide to launch.

a large jetliner sitting on top of a grass covered field


As we say here at Capital SUP, “Arrive with a purpose, depart with a passion.” Whether it’s buying your own board, becoming a paddle member, or attending our events, we hope your passion for paddling continues to grow and we can’t wait to see you for the 2023 season!

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