Spa Creek Watershed ~ Past, Present, and Future!

Spa Creek Watershed  What’s Been Done, What’s Happening Now, and What will be done to the Historic Spa Creek Watershed      In 2004, the Spa Creek Conservancy (SCC) was founded with a vision to restore the historic Spa Creek Watershed, and to once again make the creek swimmable and fishable for all. Kevin Haigis […]

Grom Camp

Grom Camp ~ The Future Has Arrived

Grom Camp Told By: Lindsay Cook            Our first week of Grom camp at Capital SUP has come to a close and was definitely a success! We had a group of 13 kids that ranged in age and experience levels. Some had never been on a stand up Paddleboard, while others […]

Oyster Recovery

Oyster Recovery ~ Saving the Chesapeake Bay

We do more than Paddleboard, Our Oyster Recovery Efforts are Helping Save the Chesapeake Bay!  Told By: Kevin Haigis                In the fall of 2015, representing Capital SUP, I joined the ORP, oyster recovery partnership, accepting the task of planting and raising 50 oyster cages suspended from the piers at the South […]

A Day in the Life ~ Being Employed at Capital SUP

When people say the phase “Sorry, I have to go to work”, their smiles turn to frowns and they slowly sulk their shoulders as they apologize to their friends for not being able to hang out. Work is not popularly perceived as a fun place or a fun time, but in my case, work is […]

Race Training June Time Trial Results

On Tuesday, May 31, we hosted our second race training time trial session of the summer. We test for three different distances, 200-meter sprint, ½ mile, and 1 mile. Each distance includes buoy turns to mimic real life SUP racing. Our first time trial session took place in early May, therefore a number of the […]

Becoming Healthier Human Beings ~ Wounded Warrior Project

Getting Our Warriors Started ~ Wounded Warrior Project By: Chris Norman This week marked the start to our 3-month initiative with the Wounded Warrior Project. The main goal is to help our veterans live a happier, healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutritional guidance.  The performance program includes 2 sessions/week with a personal trainer, one group […]

Race Training ~ What’s New for 2016

Capital SUP 2016 Race Training Program || Respect The Training | Honor The Commitment | Cherish The Results || Told by: Brian Meyer Structured Race Training Program Tomorrow, Tuesday May 3, will be the beginning of a season long structured training program that is tailored to the MASRA SUP Race circuit, popular regional and national […]

Carolina Cup 2016 ~ Capital Adventures Recap

 Capital Adventures Recap ~ Carolina Cup Told by: Brian Meyer   Our latest Capital Adventures trip took us to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina for the 2016 Carolina Cup SUP race. For some, this was our fourth time competing at the race. Being within reasonable driving distance from Annapolis, MD, Delmarva paddlers have consistently shown up […]

Capital Adventures Recap ~ Puerto Rico

Capital Adventures ~ Puerto Rico Told by: Brian Meyer   The idea of Capital Adventures was born from my own world travels to stand up paddleboard races that I competed in. Chris, Kevin, and myself over the past two years have traveled all over for races, and have had the time of our lives! With […]