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The challenge or main reason for not implementing a corporate wellness program is the lack of resources and staffing. With Capital SUP, we are your resources. We have qualified personnel to help your employees get started and see results. Our Stand Up Paddleboard services, fitness, and nutritional backgrounds are available to ensure your employees are motivated to get started and staying healthy.

  • Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees
  • Fewer absences
  • Improved job performance and greater productivity
  • Improved employee relation and morale leading to a more supportive and harmonious workplace
  • Improved your business bottom line
  • Reduced cost of your employees’ health benefits
  • A decrease in productivity loses due to employees health problems or injuries

Based on the above, results suggest that it is no longer a question whether companies should implement a corporate wellness program, but how to design and implement such a program to achieve a sustainable integrative well being of their employees.