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Annapolis Stand-Up Paddle Board & Kayak Rentals

SUP Rentals (Click to BOOK NOW)

Be adventurous and head to the mouth of Back Creek to see the iconic Bay Bridge and the Chesapeake Bay.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned paddler, we have the waterways and equipment for you. Our mission is to create a fun and most importantly safe experience for all! Our team will provide basic paddling instruction, technique, and rules of the waterway before you depart.

Kayak Rentals (Click to BOOK NOW)

Kayaking is a great option for beginners who are new to paddle sports as well as for people who want to paddle with another person. We have high-quality sit-on-top single and double-seater kayaks available to rent.

Kayaking offers plenty of wildlife, beautiful waterfront homes, and marinas with lots of boats. For the adventurous and seasoned paddlers, head to the mouth of the creek and take in the view of the Chesapeake Bay and the iconic Bay Bridge.

Explore Back Creek, a protected waterway that offers beautiful views of plenty of wildlife and million-dollar homes, boats, and marinas. For the adventurous and seasoned paddlers, head out to the Annapolis Harbor and feel the energy of the “Sailing Capital of the US!”

*All paddlers under the age of 18 need adult supervision or an instructor/tour guide!


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