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Team Spotlight: The St. Mary’s Crew

Life at Capital SUP

Told by the St. Mary’s Crew: Meg, Gabby, & Kate


Coming from St. Mary’s High School, we feel right at home working here in Eastport at Capital SUP. Being able to share our awesome home with people who come to paddle, whether they’re Annapolitans themselves or just visitors, is an incredible gift. Downtown Annapolis is a remarkable place and it’s a privilege to be able to give people a different view and perspective of the area.

As a teen, having a summer job is not the ideal situation. After graduating from high school, most of us would rather be enjoying summer with friends before we all part our separate ways and head to college. Speaking for the three of us, I can honestly say that working at Capital SUP is like being on summer vacation but with pay. Most people dread waking up and going to work, but honestly, we look forward to getting up and going to work. We get paid to paddle board, kayak, play tiki toss, and work on our tans with our best friends. We can honestly say that the days we’re not working, we’re constantly wishing we were at Capital SUP. The atmosphere at Capital SUP is unlike any other. We never know what adventure is in store for us every time we clock in for our shift at the shop.  Some days we get to see the cutest pups paddle boarding and other days we’re driving around Annapolis in a white van begging dry cleaners to take boxes of hangers off our hands.

When we were first hired, Brian told us that people come here to have a good time, so it’s important to make sure that when customers walk in the shop they’re surrounded by “positive vibes”.  The fact that the number one shop rule is to always have the music turned on is awesome. During our mid-summer meetings with Brian, he said that we all need to work on smiling more, which really goes to show that being happy and feeling the good vibes is a vital part of being a member of the Capital SUP family.  Everyone who works at Capital SUP has the same drive and passion to always be great. Whether you’re just sitting behind the desk checking people in or your out on the water giving a lesson, you’re always making sure that you’re doing the job to the best of your ability.  Capital SUP is an awesome place that everyone should be stoked to be a part of. Whether you work there or not its place you always want to be around.  Often times one of us will get off of work at 4:00 PM, but decide to stay and hang around instead of going home because the environment here is so upbeat and inviting. You never want to leave!  All in all, Capital SUP is the best place to enjoy one of the coolest and most up and coming water sports! If you’ve never been to Capital SUP you’re most certainly missing out.


Meg, Gabby, & Kate

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