A Day in the Life ~ Being Employed at Capital SUP

When people say the phase “Sorry, I have to go to work”, their smiles turn to frowns and they slowly sulk their shoulders as they apologize to their friends for not being able to hang out. Work is not popularly perceived as a fun place or a fun time, but in my case, work is the highlight of my day. Being employed at Capital SUP has not only toned my physique, bronzed my bod, and coined me the title of being a “Paddle Bro”, but it has brought me closer to my home city of Annapolis; especially its pristine waterways. I truly have the best job on planet Earth. Alexander McConkie ~ Capital SUP Emloyee

            Bring a nature enthusiast, I have always loved being outside and spending most of my free time in the great outdoors. Being employed at Capital SUP has provided me with a front row seat to the beautiful Spa Creek. I mean, I can literally see the sun shine on the water as I sit and type this article. #blessed. Being a fitness enthusiast as well as a nature enthusiast, I am able to have the best of both worlds. There is no better way to stay fit, than to paddleboard on a daily basis. Capital SUP promotes a “gym on the water” feel which makes working out fun and exciting thing to do with your friends and family!

            The more I work here, the more I fall in love with the sport and culture of paddleboarding. Being employed at Capital SUP has been the most amazing experience for a nature and fitness enthusiast like me. Often times, I get so wrapped up in all the fun I am having that I forget the best part…I’m getting paid to do all of the things that I used to have to pay to do! Capital SUP is honestly the place to be. From the people, to the fun, to the benefits of working on the water in Annapolis, Capital SUP has opened my eyes to a new and fresh love of nature and fitness. Bottom line is, Capital SUP rocks, fitness is awesome, nature blows my mind, and my job is dope. Long live Capital SUP!

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