Race Training ~ What’s New for 2016

Capital SUP 2016 Race Training Program

|| Respect The Training | Honor The Commitment | Cherish The Results ||

Told by: Brian Meyer

Structured Race Training Program

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 3, will be the beginning of a season long structured training program that is tailored to the MASRA SUP Race circuit, popular regional and national SUP races. The methodology behind the program is focused on high-intensity interval training workouts. The goal is to maximize effort while decreasing time on the water. Race training workouts will be held every Tuesday & Thursday night’s from 6:30PM-8:15PM The first 30 minutes will include an on-land warmup, and on-water drills. 7:00PM-8:00PM will be devoted to that day’s workout. A cool down and stretch will follow the high intensity workout. We will also be leading distance training on Sunday’s from 4:00PM-6:00PM, on weekends when there is not a scheduled race. Having a GPS device on your board for you to track real time analytics, will be highly recommended but not required. Knowing what your speed, SPMs (strokes per minute), % MHR (Maximum Heart Rate), and other data in real time will help you maximize your paddling ability. The first Tuesday of each month we will doing recorded time trials. race training  The distances that will be tracked are 100 meters, ½ mile, and 1 mile. By committing to our program, your times will decrease each month! On Tuesday, May 10 we be hosting a video analysis filming session. For any of you that are interested, this is be a chance to see what your stroke looks like. I will be doing the filming, editing a personal video for you, and then meeting with you 1 on 1 do go over your stroke technique. The first session on May 10 will be complimentary. Any additional video analysis will be $50/per session. That includes filming, editing, and a 1 on 1 meeting.


 Every training session will begin with an on-land warmup to properly prepare the body for the workout. The next phase of the training session will be 15-20 minutes of on-water drills. We will cover race starts, pivot turns, drafting, and more! Strategy has become a big part of SUP racing, therefore learning and becoming comfortable with the drills we will be teaching you, will be beneficial to you and strategizing for your races.

Exclusive Discounts from Our Sponsors

 Committing to our race training program will provide you exclusive deals from companies and brands that support our Race Training Program!

The list includes:

Lahui Kai Paddleboards | Rogue SUP | Fanatic SUP | Werner Paddles | Kialoa Paddles | Future Fins | VMG Blades | NK Speed Coach (GPS) | MTI Lifejackets | BodyGlove | Howzit | Under Armour | Red Bull | UB Super (Protein)

 Special Deals at Our Favorite Local Spots

 Receive privileged deals from our favorite eateries in Annapolis by committing to our program.

The list includes:

Vida Taco Bar | Dock Street | Eastport Kitchen | Rutabaga Juice Bar


 We will be implementing a paid membership going forward for our race training program. Yes, there will be a cost to getting coached and follow a structured program that we spent years developing the methodology, and many hours creating it 🙂 . In 2015, our goal was to build a legit SUP race community, and teach all of you how we train. race training  Many hours were spent on the water training, and as a result, everyone that participated through the summer became better paddlers! We are going to take that momentum, and ramp it up to new levels! We love stand up paddleboarding, and we love teaching it to all interested participants. Whether you’re a competitive racer, weekend warrior, or paddle for the fitness benefit, our race training program will benefit you. Think of our race training program as your personal trainer for the next seven months. Respect the training, honor the commitment, cherish the results!

Here is the price breakdown of the membership.

$80/month – No Commitment – $10/session for the 8 paid session per month – Sunday training is FREE

There will be a $15/session drop-in price for those that can’t commit to the race training membership.

Every registered race training member will receive a 2016 Capital SUP Race Team jersey

For the month of May, race training will continue to be FREE! It will be a demo period for you to see if our program is worth your commitment 🙂

 If you have any questions or recommendations, please call me at 443-569-2771 or email bmeyer@capitalsupbiz.com.

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